Charity Program Introduction

We believe that it is each child’s birthright to have a better future and be educated to grow up. However, there are still thousands of children in rural China who are suffering from poorness and cannot afford to go to school or even for daily food. Every dollar that you spend with us, 1% will be used in the charity program. 

Our Mission

ICT’s (Impression China Travel) mission is to help those children living in rural areas of Shaxian County, Fujiang Province, China by donating daily supplies, books, stationeries and financial aids monthly. We know we can’t help all, but we are trying at least a few with changing their life to a easier and humanity way. We start from our hometown, Shaxian County which we know it best and love so dearly.

Our Vision

We envision excellence in the standards of individual nonprofit sector, in which in turn will maximize its positive impact on people, communities and even nation at large.

This, we believe, will help cultivate a more empathetic and caring society.

Our Value



We treat people with fairness and honesty in word and deed. 



We are committed to excellence in our works, services, knowledge and morals. 



We work with accountability and stewardship in all we do. 



We work with an innovative spirit in resolving complex issues. 


We believe that every individual has a unique purpose and a part to play in making the world a better place for the future generations.


Kids we helped

We helped children in Shaxian county before. These are some photos of them. To prevent the children's privacy, their personal information will remain confidential. 

 Kids-from-Shaxian.jpg       Poor-Kids-from-Shaxian-County.jpg        Poor-Famliy-from-Shaxian.jpg

     Poor-Kids-from-Shaxian.jpg     Poor-Kid-from-Shaxian-School.jpg

Charity fund is raised upon steps. We will send you the usage detail of your part after it put into function. You will see the name of the child, the address and the photos.
If you want to communicate with the kid that you help by mail or in person, please let us know. We will arrange it as possible as we can! 

Donation Account

If you want to donate some more for your kindness, it is greatly appreciated. You can use the credit card through PayPal which is safe and secure.

Our account is pay@impressionchinatravel.com .  

To contact us, please refer to the information below.

Contact us

Address: No. 233, Jinshan West Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian Province 361001, China.

Tel: +86 (592) 3507058

Mobile: +86 134 0065 0232 (for emergent contact) Fax: +86 (592) 3788005

Email: service@impressionchinatravel.com

Thank you!

Thank you again for travelling with us to see the magnificent China. Thank you for helping the children in need! The world will be a better place through our effort!

Poor-Kids-from-Shaxian-School.jpg       Kids-From-Shaxian-School.jpg

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