Chongqing is one of the four huge municipality cities in China with big territory and long history. Locates near the end of the navigable part of the Yangtze River for big ships, Chongqing enjoys an important role as an inland port near Sichuan rigion. It is also famous for its hotpot which can't be missed. The gragile rock carvings at Dazu is one of the highlights of travelling to Chongqing.

Chongqing Facts

Name: Chongqing (重庆)
Altitude: 237 m (778 feet)
Population: 6.8 million
Area: 1435 KM2
MainAttractions: Three Gorges, Dazu Grottoes, Wulong Karst Region, Ciqikou Old Town, Fengdu Ghost City, Lesser Three Gorges, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Three Gorges Museum
Location: Southwestern of China (View on smap)

3-Day Chongqing tour with Dazu Grottoes

3-Day Chongqing tour with Dazu Grottoes


Duration:    3 Days

Price from: US$ 289

This tour will show you the most magnificent rock carving in Dazu county which is the world heritage listed by UNESCO. A brief look to the Panda House to see the lovely pandas in also included.

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