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Yangtze President Cruises is one of the luxury fleets sailing on Yangtze River. It is under the management of  Wuhan Yangtze Cruise Co. Ltd. The President series have 6 ships in total, among which, the best ships are President 7, President 8, President Prime and President 1.

With the advanced international hotel management concept, the well-trained staffs on board offer great international standard service with smile. Multi-lingual experts are available on board to help guests from all over the world. Certificated chefs cook excellent Chinese food as well as the western food from back home!

Each cabin is fitted with private balcony which will give you a more relaxing stay by appreciating the magnificent Yangtze Three Gorges scenery. Satellite TV in room is available. If you are not feeling like to go outside, just stay in your cabin and watch HBO or CNN! 

President Cruises offers the highest quality service as well as interesting cultural and entertaining programs, such as the Tai Chi Exercise, culture lecture, and crew dancing show which will all ensure you have a relaxing cruise while not feeling boring at all.

President Cruises Ships

Ship Name Rating Year of Built Width Length Cabins Total Passengers
President No. 8     from US$ 435 2013 20.2 m 146.8 m 230 460
President No. 7     from US$ 435 2013 20.2 m 146.8 m 230 460
President Prime     from US$ 415 2011 19.6 m 135 m 187 374
President No. 1     from US$ 355 1995 16.8 m 90 m 99 188

2013 President Cruises Sailing Schedule











President Prime

President No. 7


President No.  8


President  No. 1


President No.  8


President  No. 1


President Prime

President No.  7



v Rates of the downstream and upstream are the same.

v Daily sailing until November.

v Cruise line may adjust some schedule of certain ships at very rare cases.

v The rates are subject to RMB150/person cruise service charge which is not included in the rate. You can pay on board when check in.

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